Youth Ministry

Ubuntu:  I am what I am because of who we all are.

A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, based from a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs to a greater whole… - Bishop Desmond Tutu

Youth Schedule 2017/18

 Event Calendar 

October 7th – Youth Group Bounding Outing 

October 27/28 – Cooking/ Halloween Fundraiser 

November 15 – Thanksgiving Celebration w/ PII 

November 25th – Bridges in Newark

December 8th - Winter Party with Peace Islands

January 20th – Music Night 

Feb. 2- 4 – Camp Bernie

February 17th – Negotiating Negative Influences

March 17th – Clothing Closet at Broadway Pres./Theater Outing?

April 14th – Youth Group Fundraising Concert

April 20th – April 22th – Spring Retreat

May 12th- Brooklyn Zen Center

June 16th - TBD

What We Do

Sacred Talk:  Once-a-month the senior high youth group puts scripture in conversation with ancient and contemporary forms of wisdom. During Sacred Talk, we engage with poets like Maya Angelou, philosophers like Lao Tzu, and musicians like Chance the Rapper to help illuminate themes like moral development, spiritual growth, and resilience found in the Bible. At FCC, we take the scripture too seriously to take it literally and these many voices help us to hear the many ways God is still speaking. 

Service: Serving our neighbor is central for the youth group. We have prepared lunches for people experiencing homelessness through Bridges Outreach; organized a clothing closet through Broadway Presbyterian, and helped clean up a home in South Jersey after Hurricane Sandy—to name a few. We also participating in events like the People’s Climate March and other forms of interfaith activism a form of service. These examples are all ways we try to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Overnight Retreats: The youth program has about three overnights a year including Mystics’ Eve—a contemplative experience around Halloween; Camp Bernie—a weekend retreat where the students bond with other youth groups from around New Jersey; and Kirkridge Retreat—a weekend getaway that focus’s on navigating the teenage years. 

Summer Trips: Each summer the Youth Group travels to serve our neighbors, immerse ourselves in another culture, and learn relevant issues facing our world. We have traveled to Belize to serve with a Q’eqchi’ Mayan Youth Group, worked on a farm through Heifer International, and served the homeless in New York City. The summer experience is the culmination of the whole year of service, community building, and spiritual growth.

If you are interested in learning more about the FCC Youth Group, please contact Associate Pastor John Rogers at

 Sacred Talk 2017/18

 September 17th 

 October 22nd 

 November 19th 

 December 17th

 January 21st 

 February 18th 

 March 18th 

 April 15th 

 May 13th 

 June 17th