In order to curb the spread of COVID - 19 we are engaging in online worship: Zoom services on the first Sunday of the month and pre-recorded services for the other Sundays.  All communal programming (EXCEPT LABYRINTH WALKS) is also online until further notice.

Underground Church

Returning to our Roots

Next gathering is Via Zoom: Saturday April 24, 5pm

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Underground Church travels back to our earliest Christian roots.  We seek to recapture the excitement and community of Jesus's early followers through worship that is simple yet profound, communal yet personal, comforting yet inspiring.  We live the questions much as Jesus's friends did as they sought ways to transform the world through the simple acts of a shared and loving community. 


Worship is informal, but we engage through the reading of a sacred text, create space to share what is on our hearts, and share a simple and blessed communion meal of soup, salad, and bread, ending our evening with song and "Spiritual Take-Out." 


Come as you are...This gathering is about the transformative power of opening our homes and our hearts to the Holy Spirit and to each other.  Everyone is welcome!  



Next gathering is

Saturday April 24, 5pm, Via Zoom