In order to curb the spread of COVID - 19 we are engaging in online worship -- Zoom services on the first Sunday of the month and pre-recorded services for the other Sundays.  All communal programming (EXCEPT WEDNESDAY LABYRINTH WALKS) is also suspended until further notice. 

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Exploring Our Faith Together

What is Confirmation?


Confirmation is a process of exploring your faith; when a young person decides to be confirmed he or she will find themselves on a life-long journey.  They will learn more about how we believe as Christians and reflect on what that means for them in their life. But Confirmation is not about finding “answers” – it is about gaining wisdom and learning to “live the questions.”  It is not about memorizing doctrine, but finding a way of life that reflects your deepest values. A big part of the confirmation experience is building trust and relationships with the other class members, the adults mentors and with the congregation.  When confirmed our young people are considered adult members of the church, able to vote and to lead and to participate actively in the future of the church.  But most importantly, they will have embraced a spiritual adventure that can shape their life.


Confirmation is open to all young people 8th grade and older.  If you are interested in joining a class, please see John Rogers at



Confirmation Schedule 2019-20


October 20th

November 3rd

November 17th

December 8th  

January 12th

February 9th

March 1st

March 15th

April 5th

May 3rd

May 17th (Confirmation Sunday)

May 29th - 31st (Kirkridge Retreat)