Creation Justice Church

Caring For Our Planet


FCC Montclair's Creation Justice Covenant 


We, the members of First Congregational Church of Montclair, New Jersey, affirm that caring for creation is fundamental to our faith. We love our home, the earth, and we believe we are blessed with the responsibility of caring for the planet. We also believe this responsibility is inseparable from our relationship with God, each other, and all living things. In caring for the earth, we mean to create healthy and safe communities for our families and neighbors. Tending to these relationships fills us with joy and wisdom, and we are grateful for the abundance it brings.


Too often, however, instead of protecting her, we have exploited our planet out of greed or ignorance. Now, the planet is in crisis, and so, then, are we. Worse, those who have done the least to cause the climate crisis are often the hardest hit by flooding, fires, dirty air, and drought, among other climate disasters. Our fervent belief is that this climate inequality is incompatible with Christ’s gospel, which are rooted in love, healing, and justice.


Our congregation, therefore, commits to the idea that creation care is central to each aspect of our church: our theology and worship, institutional life and practices, and our partnership and work in the wider community. In celebration and gratitude for the gifts of God’s creation, we humbly ask God's grace as we endeavor to take meaningful actions to protect all life on earth by confronting the climate crisis and climate inequality.


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