Loving God Through  Loving Each Other


We like to call it “visible grace”.  It is what we do for each other when it needs to be done --- meals after the birth of a new baby, a ride to services, extra support to those considering membership, First Friends for New Members after initiation, cards to mark life’s milestones, and Pastoral Care in all its dimensions.


It is through the ministry of Congregational Life that we get the opportunity to serve each other and make visible Jesus’ disciple John’s words: “they will know we are Christians by our love”.  By its nature of giving and receiving, this ministry includes all the members and friends of First Congregational Church, with the Rev. Heather Cherry, Minister of Pastoral Care and Visitation, and Linda Williams, Congregational Life Ministry Chair as facilitators.


Should you find yourself or someone else in need of “visible grace”, please let us know.  You can contact Rev. Heather at or Linda at .


Linda Williams,

Chair, Congregational Life





If you would like to serve on our Ministry of Congregational life by providing meals, companionship, transportation or any other expression of care, please contact the church office.