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Sundays At FCC!

Information For Worship Service

Join Us This Sunday, March 3, for Worship at 10:30am in the Sanctuary


Join us each week at 10:30am as we grow closer to God and one another through our Sunday morning service.



Tune into the livestream of the service.


Join Us for Coffee Hour in the Guild Room   following worship!
All are welcome to join us for food and  fellowship in the Guild Room after worship. If you would like to host an upcoming coffee hour
CLICK HERE to sign up online or call/text Lisa Marie Bronson at  973-571-3553.


* You can make a "Sunday Offering"

or "Sustaining Gift" by clicking HERE


Volunteers Needed For Coffee Hour

Looking for a great way to meet FCC folks and contribute to our hospitality?  Consider helping with coffee hour!  We need help to make this possible every week! 

Interested in finding out more?  

You can click here to sign up for a specific Sunday or call/text Lisa Marie Bronson at  973-571-3553.

Underground Church:

Saturday, March 16, 10:30am in the Sanctuary

Underground Church is a unique and dynamic gathering that combines the intimacy of Jesus' early community with creative and inventive worship experiences.  In the warmth and safety of community we explore the scriptures, live out the questions through discussion,  and share innovative rituals that bring us closer to each other and to our still-speaking God.  Together we create the unity of spirit that helps us find God's presence in the messy and beautiful experience of living today.  All are welcome!

Explore the Journey of Prayer this Lenten Season:


Wednesday Evenings Series:

Feb 28 - Mar 20, 7pm on Zoom


Deepen your spiritual practice this Lent through an interfaith journey of prayer. 

We live in a time when we are constantly drawn away from our inner core, that meeting place between our conscious understanding and the truth of our being. For millennia people from various religious traditions have practiced prayer, meditation and chanting to align themselves with an experience of the divine.

Lent is a spiritual journey which brings us closer to God. Prayer, in its many forms, is an essential companion on this path.  This Lent, join Rev. Ann Ralosky and Rev. Phyllis Crichlow as they invite four special guests from four different faith traditions to share their journey of prayer with us to deepen our prayer practices through the perspectives of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

Click here to join us on Zoom 7:00-8:15pm.

Share an Iftar Dinner to Break the Ramadan Fast with FCC and Peace Islands Institute,

Friday, March 22, 6:30pm

We will gather in the Guild Room to learn about the traditions of Ramadan and share a delicious meal together.  Details to come soon.

Qigong at FCC, Saturday, March 23, 10am in the Guild Room

Come and practice some Qigong at FCC. Part of the Taoist tradition, this exercise system uses very slow, deliberate movement, keeping your mind actively involved. The style of movement helps reduce physical and mental tension to help each of us remain grounded and centered.

Class is led by FCC member, Joanne Kornoelje, who has been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong for over 30 years. She has taught all levels from children to seniors, and it remains a daily practice in her life.  Come and give it a try!


Weekly Labyrinth Walks:

Wednesdays 11am-1pm in the Sanctuary


Take your soul for a walk on the labyrinth.  We are pleased to offer labyrinth walks each Wednesday as a chance to connect with your soul in our beautiful sanctuary.


The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool , a mode of “walking prayer” that invites us to go deeper in our walk with God.  Our labyrinth, modeled on one in Chartes Cathedral in France, sits as the center of our Sanctuary, a constant metaphor for our spiritual lives.  Just like the labyrinth, our lives are not linear, but filled with twists and turns.  Sometimes we make great progress, and other times we feel we are going backwards.  But if we trust in the path we will find our selves in the center: the heart of God. All are welcome to take their souls out for a walk... no experience necessary!


You can CLICK HERE to find out more about walking the labyrinth. Check out this lovely write up on our labyrinth on Baristanet in the Spring of  2014.

Slow Motion Adult Bible Study:

On Hiatus Until After Easter


"Reading the Bible Again for the First Time"

Led by Rev. Ann Ralosky and Rev. Jack Cuffari

This class will be approximately every other Thursday at 7pm on Zoom from Sept 28 through Feb 1. Full Class Schedule:  Sept 28, Oct 12, Oct 26, Nov 30, Dec 14, Jan 4, Jan 18, Feb 1, Feb 15

"Reading the Bible Again for the First Time" : "This welcome book removes many of the barriers that separate thoughtful people from the wisdom of the Bible." -Rabbi Harold Kushner 
Many folks at FCC are inspired by the fresh interpretation of scripture they hear during worship but wonder why it sounds so different.  If this is you, please join us for a thought-provoking exploration in to the scriptures through the book, Reading the Bible Again for the First Time by Biblical scholar, Marcus Borg.  Borg offers an accessible and deeply insightful understanding of how to read the Bible through the lenses of history and metaphor that lets the scripture come alive. To order the book,


Whether this is the first time you've cracked open a bible, or you've been reading for years, you are welcome to join us!  Questions? Email Rev. Ann (acralosky@msn.com) or Rev. Jack (jack@cuffari.com)


Click HERE to join!  Meeting ID: 874 8676 2412
Passcode: 985645  
Phone only? Dial 646 558 8656

Full Spectrum Schedule!

(FCC's LGBTQ+ Group Events)

Join us for friendship, fun and faith!

Full Spectrum is the LGBTQ+ group of First Congregational Church, and if you are part of the LGBTQ+ community we would love for you to join us!  We gather on the first Friday each month for a social event (pot lucks, movie nights, picnics, etc) and on the third Friday of each month we gather ON ZOOM for Full Spectrum Spirituality, a supportive group to talk about our spiritual journeys, ask questions, and delve into our faith and scripture through a queer lens. To learn more, please text Lori Boggess (862-228-1084) or Alexis Lourenco (856-332-7448).

Full Spectrum LGBTQ+ Community Schedule

*** First Friday Fun:  

Join us on the First Friday of each month (approx 7:30pm) for a fun, social event.
***Third Friday Full Spectrum Spirituality (on Zoom):

Special small group discussion on spirituality, scripture and faith (approx 7:30pm).